Saving lives…literally…in Haiti!

Saving lives…literally…in Haiti!

Hope Story Mission’s reason for being is to serve aged-out orphans and underprivileged children in the poorest countries in the world. We do this by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through story and song and providing safe housing, life skills, education, and spiritual guidance. We want to help the aged-out orphan move from dependence to sustainable independence.

While our main focus is aged-out orphans, we also care immensely for the underprivileged children in our community of Gressier, Haiti, and we are able to minister to those kids through our own students and staff.  Lennox’s trip in August was full of God sightings, and we wanted to share one incredible story with you.

This baby’s name is Johnny. He lives with his mother and several other siblings in a one room shanty near our campus.  When Lennox arrived on Sunday, Aug.13th, one of our students, Kevensen,  told him about little Johnny and that he wasn’t feeling well.  Lennox is no doctor, but he knew it was more serious than the others suspected.

One of our supporters is a doctor who is “on call” for us anytime we may need some direction and he knew exactly what Johnny was dealing with and prescribed the medicine that would essentially save his life. His family didn’t have the money or the means to treat Johnny’s illness but Lennox felt called to minister to Johnny and his family and called on the resources from HSM to pay for the medicine and the clinic visit.

Within a few days, the infection cleared up and Johnny was on the mend!  What could have been a terrifying, tragic situation turned out to be a miracle of timing and intervention on Lennox’s part and the power and mighty works of our God!

In addition, Johnny had no bed to sleep in and very few clothes and little food.  Lennox purchased a crib, some linens and food for Johnny so that he and his family could feel God’s love and know that they were loved children of the Most High God!


To think God chooses HSM and Lennox to do His mighty work is so humbling and gratifying.  And we have you to thank, Mark and Sherri, as none of this is possible without your continued support.  We will keep in touch in the next few weeks with more amazing stories of God’s hands at work through HSM. Continue to pray for our students as they begin their next school year, for clarity and guidance as they work towards being released into the community within the next 12-18 months!


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